Last Updated: March 03, 2021

From Our Onni Family

At Onni, we care deeply about the well-being of our tenants, clients, employees, and the communities in which we live, work, and play. Ensuring our operations are safe is of utmost importance in these unprecedented times. In an effort to be of further assistance, we have compiled several resources for you, and invite you to reach out to us with any questions.

For Our Employees and Trade Partners:

We are continuously monitoring and improving our safety response throughout our portfolio.

In efforts to keep our teams working safely while navigating COVID, please ensure that you speak to an Onni representative before coming to any location to ensure all protocols are adhered to.

To connect or review our most recent safety plan please contact our Canadian Safety or US Safety teams, respectively.

For Our Residents & Tenants:

Our dedicated property management teams are available digitally for any questions you may have.

For Our Purchasers:

Our teams are available digitally and by private appointment for any questions you may have. You will continue to be contacted regarding any updates, including construction and deposits, that affect your purchase.

For Our Clients and Realtor Partners:

Our knowledgeable sales and leasing teams are available to connect with you by private appointment (site-specific; please contact us to learn more) and/or digitally. Whether you wish to purchase or lease a home, ask a few questions, or set up a personalized meeting, we are here to help.

Canadian Presentation Centre Contact Information

Nature’s Walk 604.262.1850 [email protected]
Cambie Gardens 604.330.6776 [email protected]
1335 Howe 604.689.8535 [email protected]
Evelyn 604.922.0330 [email protected]
Edgewater 604.885.8556 [email protected]
Gilmore Place 604.488.8986 [email protected]
The Grande 604.552.0552 [email protected]
Tsawwassen Landing 604.638.3500 [email protected]
Fortune at Fort York 416.260.2600 [email protected]


Canadian Residential Leasing Contact Information

The Lloyd 604.260.4885 [email protected]
The Residences at Fremont Village 604.363.3851 [email protected]
The Pavilion 604.365.7706 [email protected]
Imperial Landing 604.362.5586 [email protected]
Evan 604.537.3459 [email protected]


US Residential Leasing Center Contact Information

369 Grand 312.386.5291 [email protected]
Hope + Flower 213.314.0588 [email protected]
825 South Hill 213.262.9299 [email protected]
Studio House 213.568.4622 [email protected]
Union Lofts 213.279.6896 [email protected]
Old Town Park 312.634.6174 [email protected]
The Hudson 312.471.9153 [email protected]


For Our Communities:

We stand with you in these difficult times and are encouraged by immunity and vaccine advancements on the horizon. We encourage you to keep both your physical and mental health a priority. Here we have listed the main sources of information directing and supporting our decisions, including:



The health of our communities is our number one priority. We are taking proactive measures to protect the health and safety of our teams and partners throughout our portfolio.

We continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 situation as it evolves including regular updates to our safety and operational procedures to ensure our teams health and business continuity. Our procedures are informed by local and national protocols including strict compliance to government orders.

Resources and information are continuously circulated throughout our teams and we are proud to share some of the measures implemented as we navigate this new reality:

  • Development of local response teams responsible for adhering to local and national protocols;
  • Location specific actions plans and increased communication for responsible operation and attendance; and,
  • Strict adherence to safety protocol including PPE, daily self reporting and group occupancy limits throughout all of our sites, properties and offices;

It is our commitment to continue to remain active and evolve along with COVID-19 developments and updates. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach your respective location here.