Our knowledgeable sales and leasing teams are available to connect with you by private appointment (site-specific; please contact us to learn more) and/or digitally. Whether you wish to purchase or lease a home, ask a few questions, or set up a personalized meeting, we are here to help.

Canadian Presentation Centre Contact Information

Nature’s Walk 604.262.1850 [email protected]
The Residences at Fremont Village 604.363.3851 [email protected]
Cambie Gardens 604.330.6776 [email protected]
1335 Howe 604.689.8535 [email protected]
Evelyn 604.922.0330 [email protected]
Edgewater 604.885.8556 [email protected]
Gilmore Place 604.488.8986 [email protected]
The Grande 604.552.0552 [email protected]
Tsawwassen Landing 604.638.3500 [email protected]
Fortune at Fort York 416.260.2600 [email protected]


Canadian Residential Leasing Contact Information

Colwood Corners 250.800.1985 [email protected]
The Residences at Fremont Village 604.363.3851 [email protected]
The Lloyd 604.260.4885 [email protected]
The Pavilion 604.365.7706 [email protected]
Imperial Landing 604.362.5586 [email protected]
Evan 604.537.3459 [email protected]


US Residential Leasing Center Contact Information

Hope + Flower 213.314.0588 [email protected]
825 South Hill 213.262.9299 [email protected]
Studio House 213.568.4622 [email protected]
Union Lofts 213.279.6896 [email protected]
Old Town Park 312.634.6174 [email protected]
369 Grand 312.386.5291 [email protected]
The Hudson 312.471.9153 [email protected]