As a responsible corporate citizen, Onni takes pride in being an active participant in the communities in which it conducts business. Making a difference at every level in a variety of areas is central to Onni’s corporate values. Onni is well known for its ongoing sponsorship and support of various charitable and community-minded initiatives.

Continuing with these values, Onni has established the “Onni Support Fund” which provides financial support of individuals in pursuit of education, athletics or any other endeavor as well as those who may have financial need. Financial awards will be provided to selected recipients who will be determined by a selection committee. The selection committee is comprised of designated individuals who are deemed to be strong community supporters and, in particular, have extensive experience teaching, mentoring or working with youth within the community they serve.

In order for a candidate to be considered for the Onni Support Fund grant, they will be required to fill out the application form below for consideration by the selection committee. Please ensure all fields are completed before submitting. The selection committee will review all the submissions they receive and make a recommendation of those they deem most worthy of the grant.

Please note:

  • The Support Fund will not fund Tuition fees for College or University, but will consider other education related expenses
  • Applications can be made once every 12 month period (ex. For a January 2017 application, a subsequent application can be made no earlier than January 2018) – 2014 changed to 2017, 2015 to 2018
  • The selection committee meets once a month to consider and make recommendations for that month’s applicants
  • An applicant who requires funding for a major event must include the date of the event, whether the applicant has qualified for the event and the deadline for paying for the event
  • If several members of a team or club are submitting applications for an event, the coach or team leader is responsible for prioritizing the individual’s need from greatest to least
  • In order to be considered for an Onni Support Fund grant, the application must be completed by the individual applying.

Our goal at Onni is to continue to build sustainable, strong communities and we are pleased to be able to provide the Onni Support Fund as a way of giving back to our communities. For further information please contact the selection committee at:

Support Fund Application Form

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  • Grant Information

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docs.